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Where is the Riding Area in Google Maps? Click on the link to get an approximate link to the Aspen trail head parking area.

2016 Bear Creek Trail Map (8 MB - updated May 2016 - prints 11x17")

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Bear Creek Rec Site GPS Maps

Thanks to Jack Pyck here is the final version of the 2016 map of Bear Creek for use on GPS units or phones! Scroll to the end of this post for the download links.

Jack made 2 files that can be used on GPS units (.img file) or smartphones with a GPS tracking app (.gpx file). Single track and double track trails are now indicated on both files.

.gpx file for use on phones or GPS units capable of displaying at least 150 tracks: The gpx file can be imported in many iPhone and Android apps. Jack uses Locus Map Pro (Android only) and it works very well, there are good alternatives for iPhones as well. One example is MotionX.

The .gpx file can be opened with Garmin Basecamp (or Mapsource) as well and then sent to a GPS unit using the software. Note that this will only work on newer off road GPS units such as the Montana or Monterra because it needs to support 150 tracks. The trails are all named and labeled the same as the paper map, so you can just point to a trail to find out where you are.

The .gpx file shows data as follows:
Dark yellow line: Main Roads (Bear Main and Esperon)
Red line: Other Roads
Magenta line: Future Trails
Green line: Double Track Trails green
Dark Green line: Single Track Trails green
Blue line: Double Track Trails blue
Dark Blue line: Single Track blue
Black line: Single Track black

.img file for use on all Garmin GPS units :
The .img file is a map generated from the gpx file. This can be displayed on GPS units as a map. This map is transparent, with only the trails showing. It can be super imposed on another background map, such as the Outdoor Maps or Topo Maps.

The easiest way to install the .img file, is to use a computer and a memory card for your GPS unit. Create a "Garmin" folder (if it's not already there) on the root of the memory card. Copy the gmapsupp.img file inside the Garmin folder (do not rename the file!) and install the memory card in the GPS. You will now see the Bear Creek map as an overlay of the main map of the GPS unit. This can be done on a small (cheap) memory card, it's a very small file and we could consider pre loading cards, including background maps and selling them for a nominal fee. This works for most commonly used Garmin GPS units, such as GPSMap 60, 62 etc, Zumo's and Montana. I even used it on a Nuvi car GPS.

The .img file shows data as follows:
Orange line: Main Roads
Red line: Other Roads
Magenta Line: Future Trails
Wide Green Line: Double track green
Narrow Green Line: Single track green
Wide Blue Line: Double track blue
Narrow Blue Line: Single track blue
Black Line: Single track black

Thanks a Million Jack!

2014 Bear Creek Recreation Site Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Brochure

11x17 6 panel fold brochure with Area information.

August 2013 Aspen Trailhead and Campsite Map

This is a map of our Aspen Trailhead and Campground, with descriptions of our campsites (including measurements).

(You can right click on link above and choose "Save Target As...")

Sept 2012 Trail Basemap for Garmin GPS Units instructions

Sept 2012 Trail Map- .KMZ version - data file

(thanks to Ken Ferguson for supplying!)

Bear Creek RMZ approximate boundaries on Backroads BC Maps

Bear Creek Riding Area on Backroads BC map

Bear Creek RMZ Map determined by LRMP

LRMP map showing Bear Creek Riding Area

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