2019 Grizzly Enduro

Sunday October 6th, 2019
Bear Creek OHV

2019 Grizzly Enduro is a for fun amateur timed event for local riders. Open to members and non members, registration is capped out at 150 riders.
Members: Adult $35, Youth $15.
Non-Members: Adult $50, Youth $30.

Event T-Shirt included with pre registration.
Riders of all skill levels welcome, choose class accordingly.


Please read loop descriptions first then click at the bottom to register.


The A loop: 80 kms of advanced and expert level riding. Mostly tight single track with very little double track.  Designed for riders with race experience or those familiar with the black and double black diamond trails located in the Bear Creek OHV area.  Chose the A loop if you enjoy technical challenges, like big hills, steep descents and jump logs just for fun.
Gas stop if needed please bring your jerrycan labeled. If you are questioning yourself whether you should do the A or B Loop then you should do B.
Layout by: Linc Dougan & Hunter Heuring
xpert Class - A loop expert riders, any age.
Intermediate Class - A loop experienced riders, any age.

+30 vet Class  - A loop experienced riders  30 years old and older
+40 Class - A loop experienced riders 40 years old and older

The B Loop: 55 kms of intermediate riding. Green and Blue single and double track trails with some challenges.  Aimed at the average Bear Creek rider, also good for old racers with bad  knees. Young riders should be accompanied by an adult.  If you are questioning yourself whether you should do the B or C Loop then you should do C.
Layout by: Rod Heater & Mick Rasmussen

Junior Class  - B loop beginner/novice riders any age.
+40 Class - B loop beginner/novice riders 40 years old and older
+50 Class  - B loop beginner/novice riders 50 years old and older
Women's Class  - B loop all women

The C Loop: 35 kms of flowy double tack riding.  This is a new route for this year for riders that are not experienced enough to do a B loop but would like to get out and enjoy the event. Also good for parents and kids that would like to ride together,  90% green double track trail.  Young riders should be accompanied by an adult.

Layout by: Kent Jorgenson & Peter Woolsey
Open Novice - C loop open to any beginner riders.

Kids Loop: This loop is for little kids on small bikes. 4kms of trail X 2 loopsl with adults pointing out the right direction.  Same as last year the kids will ride this is a time comparison to determine who wins not overall time.

12 and under Class - Kids loop 12 years and under

8:30 Check In and registration, prepay online bring your paperwork with you.
10:00 Riders Meeting
10:15 Riders Out

2:30 Awards

Click HERE to Register.
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Register before Sept 27th T-shirt is included!
Starting position based on order of registration!

Sponsored by Kawasaki Canada & Valley Moto Sport

October Women's Ride @ Bear Creek OHV

Sunday October 22nd, 2019
Aspen Trail Head 

Pre registration required for sponsored lunch.

Open to members and non members.

Day pass or season's pass required.
Riders of all skill levels welcome.
Guided B route (40kms)
Guided C route (25kms)
10:00 Check In 
10:15 Riders Meeting
10:30 Riders Out

12:30 Lunch Provided

Email hockeymommy795@hotmail.com to register!

Sponsored by Redline Cycle and Valley Moto Sport.