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Bear Creek OHV Riding Area

This scenic motorized recreation site covers 85,000 acres and is the largest recreation site in British Columbia. An extensive designated, managed trail system is being developed to provide quality recreation opportunities for motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs less than 50” in width. The system provides extensive loop trails identified by difficulty level and user group. This is a trail system, not a riding area so riding off existing routes is prohibited.  Either a season pass or trail day pass is required to ride on the trail system.  ​



Staging Areas

There are two staging areas. The Aspen Trail Head is the main staging and camping area located just off the 8km mark on Bear Main. It has a large pull-through parking lot, a unique bear claw kiosk, pit toilets, picnic tables and fire rings, a beginner training area, site host and 40+ developed camp sites. Most sites accommodate multiple vehicles and vehicles with trailers. The Burke Trail Head is located just off the 11km mark on Bear Main and features an additional 9 campsites, pit toilet and information kiosk.


All Trails are Two-Way. Many of the trails are tight and narrow and are maintained in a manner that

provides a primitive trail experience. Thus, there are numerous blind corners and other riders or recreationists

should be anticipated around every turn. Don't ride in the dust of other riders and use hand signals when

encountering other riders to indicate the number of riders behind you. Ride within your skills, but remember

that excessive speed can threaten the safety of other riders. Please ride defensibly and responsibly.

Ride straight. Alcohol or drugs impair your perception and reaction times and can jeopardize not only your

safety, but that of others also.

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