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Yearly memberships are inexpensive and include unlimited riding in the Bear Creek OHV rec site area.  

Adult memberships are $120. With the purchase of an adult membership,  you may also purchase one or more Youth Memberships at $30 each (for those under 18 years old at the same household). Season Passes are valid from April 1st to October 31st.. 


Yearly membership allows unlimited riding at the Bear Creek OHV Recreation Site, on every day that the Site is open. 


Membership fees are entirely applied to expenses incurred for the maintenance and operation of the Bear Creek OHV Recreation site, for the benefit of those paying the fee. 

All riders must ensure that their OHV meets the Bear Creek requirements. Spark Arrestors are mandatory. Sound must be 96 dB or less.

Day Passes

Okanagan Trail Riders Association  is now offering a 1-3 Day Pass option.

This pass is valid on the day it is purchased and must be verified via a Cell Phone record or a printout of the PayPal Order. Please remember  cell phone service in the Bear Creek OHV area is limited so you need to download the confirmation onto your phone so it will display with no data access.  

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